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  • The usage of eyebrow pencil and the selection of packaging


    The eyebrow pencil packaging material will have different types of eyebrow brushes, which are generally divided into spiral type, toothbrush type, bevel type, etc. Read More

  • Advantages of refillable perfume bottle and how to save perfume


    In the past, the steps of perfume packaging were to prepare a few small perfume bottles and then prepare a syringe. Use a syringe to extract perfume from a large bottle of perfume. The process must be slow. Then, put the perfume into a small perfume bottle. Finally, tighten the cap,must be attention Read More

  • Comparisons of lipstick raincoat packaging


    Which brand of lipstick raincoat is easy to use? Which lipstick raincoat is more cost-effective? All of these questions can be answered, but if you ask about the material of the lipstick raincoat packaging and the internal structure of the lipstick raincoat pen tube, you probably have no answer. Read More

  • Cosmetics Packaging pen for travel


    Maybe you are surprised that you just heard about travel bottle before, but didn’t know cosmetics packaging pen. Do you think the author write the wrong name? No, I’m sure that it called cosmetics packaging pen. Read More

  • How to use mini travel portable bottom filling perfume bottle?


    When we are born, we will grow our teeth slowly. The teeth are the longest and most inseparable organs of our time. The teeth whitening is the focus of most people. Do we still need plastic surgery? What should we pay attention to in life?Cold light whitening is recognized as a fast and safe tooth w Read More

  • How many famous brands use cosmetic twist pen /click pen?


    cosmetic twist/click pen has other advantages, such as: easy to carry; controllable dosage; versatile; not easily damaged. Read More

  • Four advantages of cold light whitening teeth


    I believe many people have discovered that the effect of cold-light teeth whitening is very obvious, especially for the problems of tooth pigmentation and tooth yellow, which often plays a very good role. So, specifically, what kind of dental problems can be solved by cold-light tooth whitening? Let Read More

  • Tooth whitening method


    Having a bright white tooth is the dream of every beauty MM, but the teeth slowly turn yellow because of life reasons. Many people will choose cold and whitening when the teeth turn yellow.1). The principle of cold light whiteningThe cold-light whitening technology uses a high-intensity blue light w Read More


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