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Tooth whitening method

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Tooth whitening method

Tooth whitening is also a popular tooth whitening method in Europe and America. It belongs to family tooth whitening products. The user can easily make a tooth model based on the shape of the tooth. The whitening agent and the directional enzyme are placed in the tooth mold every night, and the tooth mold can be removed after 20 minutes, and it is used continuously for 9 days.

Advantages: can be completed at home, there are certain teeth whitening effect medicine | learning | education network collection.

Disadvantages: For moderate to severe tetracycline teeth, dental fluorosis and other effects, it is easy to cause discomfort for sensitive teeth.

Effect: It can improve the color of teeth by 4-5 levels.

Spend time: 7-10 days / treatment course | learning | education network collection.

Effective time: 3 weeks.

Effect retention time: 1 year or so.

Applicable people: Suitable for light and moderate pigmented teeth, yellowing of tooth color caused by age-changing enamel and yellowing of teeth caused by long-term drinking of tea, coffee, red wine, or smoking.


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