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The usage of eyebrow pencil and the selection of packaging

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The usage of eyebrow pencil and the selection of packaging

一.The origin of thrush

It is said that the wind of thrush originated in the Warring States period. Before there was any specific thrush material, the women burned it with willow branches and painted it on their eyebrows. The materials used in ancient women's thrushes changed with the development of the times. According to the literature, the earliest thrush material is Dai, which is a black mineral, also known as "Shidai". Before drawing, you must first grind the stone on the inkstone to make it powder, and then add water to mix it. There are many stone inkstones found in Han tombs, indicating that this kind of cosmetics had been used in Han Dynasty. Besides Shidai, there are tongdai, qingquetoudai and luozidai. Tongdai is a kind of rust like chemical substance; qingquetoudai is a kind of dark gray thrush material, which was introduced from the western regions in the northern and Southern Dynasties; luozidai is a thrush material of women in Sui and Tang Dynasties, which was produced in Persia and has become a Dai block of various specified shapes. When it is used, it can be dipped in water without grinding. Because its appearance and production process are similar to the ink ingot used in calligraphy and painting, it is also called "graphite", or "thrush ink"

二.The usage of eyebrow pencil and the selection of packaging

Determine the position of eyebrow, eyebrow peak and eyebrow tail, and draw eyebrows on this basis to make you more outstanding.

1、First, determine the approximate position of the eyebrow peak

At the position of the eyebrow peak, use the eyebrow pencil to gently draw the "" shape for marking. Gently draw around what you think is the eyebrow peak, the position should not be very accurate.

2、From the peak to the end of the eyebrow, depict one point one points

Draw the outer line from the eyebrow peak to the eyebrow tail, and move the eyebrow pen gently from inside to outside. Compared with drawing in a single stroke, it is easier to draw with a little rewritten short line.

3Link the upper edge line and draw the middle part

Connect the upper edge of the eyebrows from 1cm away from the eyebrows to the position of the eyebrow peak just marked. Take the eyebrows as the skin, and paint with a slightly stronger stroke to arrange the eyebrows.

4Apply lightly to the eyebrows towards the bridge of the nose

The color of eyebrows should be light and thin, drawing along the direction toward the bridge of nose. Lightly holding the eyebrow pencil touch-like drawing effect is more natural. People with heavy eyebrow color can do it without tracing.

5Use the eyebrow brush ingeniously to smudge the outer edge line

Use the eyebrow brush to slide the edge line of the upper side of the eyebrows gently from the eyebrow, the peak of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow. Do not apply too much force, otherwise the line of the edge will disappear completely.

The eyebrow pencil packaging material will have different types of eyebrow brushes, which are generally divided into spiral type, toothbrush type, bevel type, etc.

The spiral type has two functions: the first function is to brush off excess eyebrow powder, and the other function is to brush away the lumps on the eyelashes.

In addition, beveled eyebrow brushes are divided into hard-browed eyebrow brushes and soft-browed eyebrow brushes. Soft eyebrow brushes are used to dip the powder products, and hard eyebrow brushes are used to dip the waxy products.

6Blend the color of eyebrow pen and eyebrow

Finally, adjust the overall eyebrow tone. Using the front part of the eyebrow brush, it is a trick to stand up the hair root from bottom to top. At this time, the force must be light, and do not get rid of the coloring.


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