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Four advantages of cold light whitening teeth

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Four advantages of cold light whitening teeth

When we are born, we will grow our teeth slowly. The teeth are the longest and most inseparable organs of our time. The teeth whitening is the focus of most people. Do we still need plastic surgery? What should we pay attention to in life?

Cold light whitening is recognized as a fast and safe tooth whitening method. The cold light whitening has the characteristics of painless, whitening effect, quick effect and long maintenance time. But for those who don't understand cold whitening, they will worry that cold whitening will damage their teeth. The following oral experts answer this question.

The effect of cold-light tooth whitening technology can improve 5~14 vita levels, which can effectively inhibit the formation of plaque; in the United States, more than 1 million people have used this method for whitening teeth. No irritation, no side effects, whitening effect can last for more than two years. It is therefore recognized as the most effective and safe tooth whitening technology available. So don't worry about cold whitening and damage to your teeth, you can choose with confidence.


Blu-ray whitening completes a full oral whitening time of no more than 30 minutes, and illuminates each tooth for no more than 1 minute, thus greatly reducing the possibility of overheating or sensitivity of the teeth.


The whitening efficiency of blue light whitening is 29.5 times that of pure bleaching gel. The treatment handle is designed according to ergonomic principles, and can treat four teeth at the same time. After each treatment, the teeth will increase 3-4 whiteness, and the general whitening effect can be Maintain 3-5 years.

Almost painless:

There is no pain during treatment, so no anesthesia is needed. After treatment, because the drug continues to act, the teeth will have a slightly pungent feeling on the day. Most of the time, there will be improvement after several hours on the day, and it will not feel uncomfortable.

Easy and convenient:

Full computer control, easy to operate. The whole machine is small and exquisite, easy to move, convenient and fast.

How to cool the whitening, with the continuous progress of the times, science is constantly developing, more and more methods of tooth whitening, cold and whitening safe, almost painless, easy and convenient, more convenient than plastic surgery.

tooth, and produces a redox effect with the attached pigment to achieve the effect of whitening the teeth.

2). What kind of teeth are suitable for cold whitening?

In fact, everyone who wants to have white teeth can enjoy the amazing effect of cold-light tooth whitening treatment. This includes general exogenous pigmented teeth (coffee, tea stains, smoke stains), moderately mild tetracycline teeth, dental fluorosis, drug-induced discolored teeth, hereditary yellow teeth.

3). How long can the whitening effect last?

The length of time of maintenance varies according to individual eating habits and tooth structure, and is generally maintained for about two years.

4). How long does the whitening process take?

As long as 30 to 40 minutes, the dyeing of teeth over the years has been magically swept away. Spend the same amount of time as your haircut, manicure or afternoon tea.


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