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Comparisons of lipstick raincoat packaging

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Comparisons of lipstick raincoat packaging

Many girls are most worried about the situation of lipstick stained glass after applying lipstick, because lipstick stained glass will cause some embarrassing situations, so in order to avoid this situation, many people will use lipstick raincoat.

Which brand of lipstick raincoat is easy to use? Which lipstick raincoat is more cost-effective? All of these questions can be answered, but if you ask about the material of the lipstick raincoat packaging and the internal structure of the lipstick raincoat pen tube, you probably have no answer.


If you are interested, let's take a look!

At present, there are many kinds of lipstick raincoat packaging on the market, such as Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and the United States. The popular packaging in these countries are different. Then let's explain it specifically ...


Thailand is the upgraded packaging.

The packaging style is very Thai. Unlike others, it is a pen tube packaging. This upgrade has changed from the original application method to its own silicone brush head to avoid secondary pollution, it is clean and convenient. The pen tube packaging is easy to carry, taking up less space and is not easily deformed, and has a great texture. Personally, I prefer the design with brushes. This silicone brush is even on the lips. It is related to the internal design of the pen tip. There is a small bead in it. Once the liquid flows over, the sphere will flow out evenly. It does not cause uneven liquid flow due to uneven force. This silicone brush lipstick lip gloss and lip glaze are applicable, but I don't think it should be used for creamy cosmetics, such as lipstick, because this creamy paste is thicker. On the one hand, it is very likely that many lipsticks will be taken away by the brush head after application, which will affect the effect of the lipstick. Moreover, it is inconvenient to use this brush head for creamy and easy to block.

Packaging style of USA,Korea and Japan

Japan still follows the cute packaging style, and the popular models in three countries are all drop-shaped packaging. Before using, shake it first, the translucent colorless and odourless gel texture is not thick and sticky, and it is well spread. Squeeze rice grains and apply directly to lips. After applying, it is bright and shiny, without affecting the color of the lipstick, like a transparent lip gloss.

lipstick raincoat packaging


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