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Advantages of refillable perfume bottle and how to save perfume

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Advantages of refillable perfume bottle and how to save perfume

In the past, the steps of perfume packaging were to prepare a few small perfume bottles and then prepare a syringe. Use a syringe to extract perfume from a large bottle of perfume. The process must be slow. Then, put the perfume into a small perfume bottle. Finally, tighten the capmust be attention to seal it and so on.There are a lot of points that need to be paid attention to in this way, and the steps are also very complicated.


What are the advantages of refillable perfume bottle?

There is a refillable perfume bottle on the market, the bottom of the perfume bottle has a small hole that can be directly filled, and there is a catheter in the sub-filling bottle.When packaging, just open the spray plug of the big bottle of perfume(After opening, the nozzle plug is placed upside down), the bottom of the sub-bottle is aligned with the nozzle of the large perfume bottle, and press vertically at a uniform speed. You can see the volume you need to fill through the window of the sub-bottle. This way the sub-packaging was successful.

Refillable perfume bottle is not only beautiful in appearance, but also has many advantages such as beautiful appearance, more color selectivity and portability. The biggest advantage is that it is simple and hygienic. It also has a more humane design, that is, there is a bottom plug at the bottom of the bottle, the aluminum sleeve of the bottle is removed, and the bottom plug can be removed. When another perfume is separated, it can be cleaned and divided into bottles, so as to avoid the fragrance adulteration and affect the quality of the perfume.

Perfume is a volatile liquid, so it must be kept strictly, otherwise it will gradually lose its original smell.

How to save perfume?
1.When you do not use perfume at any time, you must keep the cap of the perfume tightly, so that you can avoid the volatilization of perfume and prevent the astigmatism of the fragrance.

2.The perfume should be placed separately, because different perfumes have different tastes. The perfumes you usually use are recommended to be kept at a certain distance to prevent the mixing of fragrances between different perfumes and cause a more pungent smell.

3.Perfume should not be placed in a high temperature environment. If the perfume is placed in a high temperature environment, the fragrance will be easy to taste, and the color of the perfume will change easily, so that the perfume will deteriorate more quickly. Don't put it in the sun. When you don't need to use it, you'd better put it in a cabinet that can be sealed.

4.When holding perfume, you should put it gently, do not shake the perfume bottle too hard, which will speed up the volatilization of the fragrance.

5.After a period of time, the perfume bottle can be poured back and sprayed several times, so that the air in the tube can be sprayed out to prevent the perfume from oxidizing.

6.Conditionally, you can put perfume in the fridge. Of course, you need a small fridge that specializes in perfume, and don't put perfume directly in a fridge with food, which will lead to the smell of perfume and food.


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